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ivc. gives small and midsize businesses web-based business applications to run their entire company. customers recognize that ivc's products provides integrated front office customer relationship management (crm), back-office enterprise resource planning (erp), and ecommerce in one powerful application with the modularity and flexibility to meet your specific business needs.

ivc's applications provide real-time business intelligence on every department within your company, automate business processes across your entire business, and eliminate the majority of it costs and complexity-and the headaches that go with them.

ivc's products include

an innovative cost-saving platform that enables small businesses to deliver unique and personalized information and applications.
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a comprehensive emarketing campaign management solution that simplifies the creation of targeted e-mail campaigns and newsletters.
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a comprehensive recruiting and hiring solution that empowers recruiters, hiring managers, and recruiting management in every stage of the recruiting process.
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an all-inclusive web-based supplier management, procurement and business intelligence solution.
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