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get paid weekly from amazon kindlein addition to quality personnel, we have unique capabilities that are hard to duplicate in other contractor teams.

a leading edge multimedia / internet tools & systems manufacturer
a microsoft development partner
an ibm internet development partner
ivc partners world wide
a java, c++, and vb developer
a sun development partner

collective capability - partnering is the key to success
by partnering, we bring the leading edge technology of ivc, together with the size and capability of our partners, to implement systems that save customers money. the bottom line, is that we should never cost you money. our customers should either make, or save money from their investment in utilizing our services. in addition, since we own all of the source code in all of the ivc tools, there is literally nothing this team can not build to solve problems.

get paid weekly from amazon kindle
from the ivc perspective, there are several areas where our skills may be utilized by customers, however the focus of this company is in its core areas of competency.

internet system solutions
database development and deployment
multimedia cdrom and internet training
internet distance learning
c++ and java software development

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